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Professional Estate Tag Sales info

A ClearingHouse Xchange hosted estate/tag sale is like no other.

A full crew of  professionals wearing eye-catching, red aprons manage every aspect of your sale.
A credit card machine is on site to handle the big purchases.
Walkies-talkies keep communications flowing.
An on-site delivery truck is staffed and ready to carefully remove the sold items and ensure safe delivery.
“The ClearingHouse tag sale means a successful tag sale”.

There are many options to choose from when The Clearing House Xchange hosts your sale. We will tailor the services to suit your needs. If your house is sold, we realize that, in many cases, “time is of the essence” so we are well  versed  in expediting your sale so you can keep your closing on schedule.  Below is what you can expect.

  • Professional hosting of your on-site sale:
  • Local paper advertising
  • Website advertising and previewing
  • In-store flyers in our store locations
  • E-mail list of over 1000 ClearingHouse shoppers
  • Staffing the day of the event
  • Street signage placed the day of event
  • If warranted, delivery truck available day of event
  • Our additional services:
  • Consignment of any remaining salable items.
  • Donation of any remaining charitable items to the No Place Like Home Foundation.
  • Removing and disposal of any remaining items that do not fall into the previous 2 categories.
  • Final broom clean of home in preparation for closing.

We’re happy to personally come to your home to discuss your needs and work out the best plan for you.

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