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Business assistance

In this tough economic climate… we are here to help;  whether you need that “big event” to help spur sales, you want to use our website to sell on your own or you need assistance in closing down or liquidating your stock.
Using the unique combination of our local auction website as well as on-site (in your location) LIVE auctions, we are able to generate the interest needed to turn your excess inventory into cash!!
The unmistakable value of The ClearingHouse eXchange:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of state-of-the-art Web presence in an auction format to sell your items. We can close with the excitement of a Live Auction at your location!
  • Your items are available for viewing in your location during on-line preview.
  • Increased foot traffic and exposure of your business.
  • Links to your site from ours.
  • Internet auctions are fully hosted and maintained.
  • Secure servers for safe, efficient online payment transactions.
  • Banking via Chase Bank.
  • All major credit cards accepted including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and Diners Club.
  • Collection and payment of all sales taxes and credit card fees.
  • Payment to you within two weeks of auction close. Your choice of check or direct deposit.

We are also available for complete inventory liquidation. If your business needs expert guidance during the shutting down process, we can steer you though all aspects of liquidating inventory and closing down a location (or locations) including any moving and deliveries.

We can assist any business in any situation just send us an email at .

Business auction FAQ

Q: Why can’t I just have a sale?

A: Sales don’t work in this economic climate. If they did, you would not be seeing all the business bankruptcies and failures. People need something new, interesting and exciting to bring them to your location.

Q: Why would people come to my location if the items are already on the Web?

A: That is what makes our auction/events different from any other. As we are locally based most buyers will be within a short drive and will want to see the items they are bidding on. Then we can host a Live Auction at your location.

Q: Why can’t I do this on eBay?

A: eBay is a labyrinth of unknown individuals compounded by a national scope. The ClearingHouse eXchange, on the other hand, works with like minded local businesses banding together to weather this economic storm.

Q: How are your auctions different?

A: We combine the excitement of the auction/event with the physical location of your business. The event is not just happening on the internet, where it is reaching tens of thousands of people, but in real time with real people in your real location. This will bring buyers into your location increasing the probability of upselling more merchandise to more customers.

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