ClearingHouse eXchange Consignment Store & Estate Sale company

Estate/tag sales

House Sold?
See Us!

Need to get your things out so you can close?

The ClearingHouse is your one-stop service to remove EVERYTHING and
we never miss a deadline!

We provide any or all of the following services


1. On site professional Tag Sales
2. Complete removal of debris/unwanted items
3. Packing personal items to be kept
4. Dispersing charitable items, providing tax-deductible receipt from
5. Broom clean to squeeky clean, as requested
6. Consignment of sellable items through The ClearingHouse eXchange outlet in Greenport, NY.
7. Trucking, moving, delivery assistance.
Everyone’s needs are different, we are happy to meet you at your home, office, clients home or
come visit the consignment outlet and see our operation for yourself.
414 First St. Greenport, NY  631.477-6262 email:





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